Finance Committee

The Finance Committee will be an advisory body to the Governing Body, to consider:

(a) Budget estimates relating to the grant received/receivable from DTE/SBTET,A.P and income from fees, etc. collected for the activities to undertake the scheme of autonomy; and
(b) Audited accounts for the above.

Finance/Purchase Committee:

S.No. Name Category Designation Telephone No.
1 Dr. M. Siva Rama Krishna Chairperson Principal 9505504200
2 B. Samba Siva Reddy Member  HEEE 8309891864
3 G.S.Radha Member Senior Lecturer/EEE  7673927325
4 M.Amarnath Member  Senior Lecturer/ECE  9441276297
5 R.Raja Member Office superintendent 9963649758


Note : All Payments and Financial Transactions are being implemented through CFMS