Academic Council/ Discipline Committee

The Academic Council shall primarily be concerned with all the academic affairs of the Institution encompassing, academic planning, instructional issues, students, co-curricular activities, and discipline, and so on. It is the responsibility of Academic Council to endeavour and ensure the best practices are implemented are maintained.

The Academic Council shall exercise the following functions:

  1. Ensuring discipline amongst the students.
  2. Facilitating and supervising the co-curricular activities for the students.
  3. Encouraging students with awards, stipends, scholarships, medals and prizes and so on.
  4. Motivating and guiding students in order to utilize the placement and training activities.
  5. In order to review all the Institute academic activities, academic rules and regulations. And consequently acting on its recommendations after due consideration.
  6. Planning and executing the overall academic growth of the institution.


For the academic year 2021-22  & 2022-23

S.No. Name Category Designation Telephone No.
1 Dr. M. Siva Rama Krishna Chairperson Principal 9505504200
2 B. Samba Siva Reddy Member HEEES 8309891864
3 P.Raghu Member Senior lecturer/Chemistry 9000498523
4 R.Raja Member Office superintendent 9963649758
5 M.Amarnath Member Senior lecturer/ECE 9441276297
6. G.S.Radha Member Senior lecturer/EEE 7673927325
6 R.Reddappa Member Lecturer /Physics 9550440692
7 P.Venkateswarlu Member Lecturer/ECE  8919206059